$50 per half hour

WE offer fitting's for all major brands

The fitting process starts with an evaluation of your current clubs.  We verify your current height, length of arms, hand size, club head speed, and lie angle.  

We then begin the process of picking out the correct style of clubs that will help you hit the ball more consistently.  We then pick the correct shaft for your speed.  We then hit balls off of a strike plate to determine correct lie angle.  

Once we have the correct club in your hand we will compare current clubs to new clubs to see how they have improved your ball flight and contact.  

This whole process can be perfomed with every club in your bag or just the ones you select.  Some players like to get new driver all the way to the putter while other are just looking for one specific thing.

The process takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete,  We use Trackman in all fittings. We also offer adjusting of lofts and lies in house.

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