Client Testimonials


Jerrod's knowledge of the swing is phenomenal. I have so much respect for him because he has a genuine love for the game and a passion for teaching his students a craft he has nearly perfected.

Todd Creasy son Connor
plays at the University of Georgia

My son started at age 8. It has been fun to watch the evolution and progress year after year. My son says..."With JFGA, the only limit to success is how much effort you put in!  They have not only taught my son how to play golf, they have also helped him grow as a young man.  We love them like family!

Dr. Mike Wells son Will has taken lessons for 5 years

Jerrod is absolutely the best junior golf coach in our area. He teaches the fundamentals of golf and covers all aspects of the game.  He is truly a mentor for junior golfers and supports them by always being there for them.  We are happy both our boys have improved tremendously.

Kay Blevins son's Channing is at Radford University and Benson still at George Wythe High School





This is not a sprint its a marathon. There will be more failures than success. Your scorecard doesn't reflect you as a human.

Junior golf is a rollercoaster of emotions as a parent or a child but both must enjoy the journey together and not lose your minds.  I can help- J. Funk